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Items That Can Damage Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Listed below are some items that can seriously damage your vacuum cleaner. These items are not only dangerous to the vacuum, but they can also cause it to break. In addition, they can also scratch the interior of the vacuum. A better and safer alternative is hiring a professional carpet cleaning company such as Magic Dry. Let’s have a look at a few harmful items:

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Baking soda

Even though baking soda is known for deodorizing and cleaning surfaces, you might have heard that using it inside your vacuum will ruin the unit. The fine grains that make up baking soda are not only abrasive to the surface, but they can also damage the vacuum’s motor and gear. Moreover, the particles can damage the carpet fibers and short circuit its electric motor. To avoid such damage, follow these steps.


Avoid using your vacuum to clean up spills as it can clog the hose and cause electrical failures. Instead, use a cloth or washcloth to wipe up spills. If you can’t clean up the spill immediately, you may have to wait until it dries before vacuuming it up. If you do spill something that can’t wait for the hose to dry, you can also use a mop or washcloth to wipe it up.

Coffee grounds

If you have a coffee grinder, you probably have to clean up coffee grounds regularly. Coffee grounds contain a lot of small particles that can get into your vacuum and cause it to clog. Make sure you clean your hopper, grinds bin, bean container, and ground coffee container. In between cleaning, you can use a coffee filter to prevent coffee grounds from getting in the vacuum.


If you are throwing a party, you may want to think twice about using your vacuum to clean up confetti. Confetti is a very sticky substance that can get stuck in the vacuum’s filter and clog the motor. This can be particularly detrimental if the confetti is foil-based. Foil-based confetti can damage your vacuum even more than paper confetti. The particles melt under the hot air, clogging the filter and making the vacuum less effective.


Grass can damage your vacuum if it is not removed regularly. Large pieces of grass and debris will get trapped in the hose or in the filters of the vacuum. Also, grass contains moisture, so a normal “dry” vacuum won’t be effective in removing this moisture and protecting the components of the vacuum. This will lead to clogging. This problem can be solved by using a special lawn vacuum.

Wet soil

Wet soil can be a nuisance in any home. Vacuums tend to push the soil deeper into the carpet, resulting in a stained carpet. Some soils and plant debris can clog the vacuum and damage the motor. If you find visible soil, clean it off with a dustpan or brush. If the soil is too thick, consider using a shop vac instead. The shop vac has a higher suction power and will be able to remove even more soil.

Makeup spills

There are a few ways to prevent makeup spills from damaging your vacuum. First, avoid vacuuming up any powdery makeup spills. Using the attachment hose to vacuum up these spills will cause a much larger mess and heat the makeup inside. You should try to spot treat makeup spills instead of vacuuming them up. These stains can be removed with an easy stain remover. Alternatively, you can spot clean the area using a soft broom.

In conclusion, it is best to hire a professional carpet cleaning company such as Magic Dry to clean stubborn stain and spills out of your carpet instead of running the risk of damaging your vacuum. Contact Magic Dry today to have your carpets cleaned!

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