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Simple Tips for a Clean Home with Water Filtration Systems

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We all want a clean, tidy home. However, with children, pets and busy lives, a home doesn’t always stay that way. So, if you’re hunting for simple tips to care for your home, read on!

Speaking from experience, one of the simplest ways to care for your home is to use good quality water. Fresh water filtration systems installed at the tap or at the mains provide quality water and help you to maintain a good Water Wise plumbing state within your home, or commercial property. Using Water Filters helps extend the life of your washing machine and coffee machine, in addition to providing cleaner drinking water. In hard water areas, water filtration systems also helps cut down on staining to grout and bathroom areas.

Pets and children’s activities can be tough on carpets. Dirt and hair is easily in-grained from playing or foot traffic. Nothing upsets a cat’s stomach more than a clean carpet, too, as they say. As a pet owner, I quickly learnt how to clean pet vomit and poo out of carpet. Dishwashing liquid or a bar of regular soap, warm water and paper towel are your friends in that instance! Gently scribble a bar of soap over the stain or dab on some dishwashing liquid. Wipe with a warm, damp cloth. Then blot with dry paper towel.

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A simple way to freshen and deordorise carpet and fabric is with bicarb soda. If you like a little scent, why not add a few drops of lavender or lemon oil? Sweep the bicarb soda over the surface of the carpet or fabric. Leave for 20 minutes. Then vacuum to remove. The surface should be fresh once more.

Likewise, if you’re dealing with mystery stains on your fabric sofa, there are tricks to help remove them. For example, if the stain has a ring around the edges, it likely contains protein. So, similarly to removing pet stains from carpet, a bar of regular soap will help remove these marks. If it seems to be a greasy stain, dishwashing liquid is your go to. Gently rub with your fingertips until the liquid feels jelly-like, then wipe with a damp cloth. Vacuuming your couch once a week, getting into all the nooks and crannies, will help keep it clean and prolong its life.

On the other hand, for a truly deep cleaning, you can’t go past commercial carpet cleaning to clean any stains and keep your carpet fresh. The best dry cleaners in Perth can help preserve carpets, curtains and upholstery for years to come. They will deep clean your carpet, removing the dirt and grit that wears away at carpet fibres. They can professionally remove stains, remove odors and leave your home fresh.

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