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What is Tile Grout?

The term “tile grout” can refer to a number of different materials. There are different types, colours, and applications. Learn about them, along with their installation and maintenance, in this…
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Tufted Carpet on Magic Dry blog

Carpet Types and Styles

When shopping for carpets, there are many different choices available. Whether you want a carpet with angular patterns or one…
mattress cleaning tips in Perth at Magic Dry

Mattress Cleaning Tips

If you’ve noticed a stain on your mattress, you may want to try cleaning it with a standard detergent, specialist…
Dry Carpet Cleaning by Magic Dry

What is Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning is a safe, effective way to get your carpets clean without the hassles of using traditional steam…
Magic Dry Carpet Cleaning 101 black and white Carpet

Carpet Cleaning 101

Carpets in homes and offices need to be cleaned on a regular basis, more often than not at least once…
Magic Dry Carpet Cleaning Close up image of carpets to show what the texture is of the carpet

Get to Know Your Carpet

Carpets have been in existence for thousands of years and make for a great investment to your home or business,…