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Different Types of Mattresses

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There are several different types of mattresses. In this article, you’ll learn more about Hybrid, Latex, Pillow-top, and Gel-infused mattresses. Each type has their own benefits. Learn which one is best for you. When purchasing a mattress don’t forget to check the coil gauge number. The higher the number, the thinner the coils. You can also compare coil gauge numbers by type. Let’s have a closer look at the different types of mattresses.

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Hybrid mattresses

A hybrid mattress is a good choice if you have back pain. They are also very popular for people who suffer from spine alignment and joint pain. They are also perfect for those who suffer from snoring. They may be better for those who like to bounce while they sleep. Some disadvantages of hybrid mattresses include the weight and the difficult storage. People who are prone to heat and have trouble sleeping may prefer a hybrid mattress.

Gel-infused mattresses

There are a lot of benefits of gel-infused memory foam mattresses. For example, these mattresses can help you sleep more soundly and relieve back pain. The gel-infused memory foam also has a 30 to 45-second response time, ensuring you don’t toss and turn in your sleep. These mattresses also help you to avoid body aches caused by too much pressure on your joints. These benefits are not exclusive to gel-infused mattresses.

Latex mattresses

Although latex mattresses are similar to other types of mattresses, they have different properties and benefits. Because they are natural, they are not prone to wearing out easily. They are also resistant to stains and mold. Natural latex is a very durable material, lasting up to 20 years. This makes latex a good choice for people who have limited time or do not like to rotate mattresses frequently. It can last for up to twenty years if taken care of properly and is professionally cleaned by a company such as Magic Dry.

Pillow-top mattresses

A pillow-top mattress is designed to provide more padding on top of the mattress. This makes it less supportive because it is not designed to provide a firm base. As a result, it may sag over time. Pillow-top mattresses are not recommended for people who like to sleep on their sides or have a high-height profile. In addition, they can experience off-gassing, which is a disadvantage. However, you can increase the longevity of this mattress by frequently professionally cleaning it.

Continuous-coil mattresses

Consisting of multiple rows of advanced coils arranged in a grid, continuous-coil mattresses provide firm support and a sense of coziness. These mattresses are suitable for heavy sleepers because they reduce motion transfer. They also have good edge support. The coils in a continuous-coil mattress are closely connected. The coils are tightly packed to minimize heat retention and motion transfer during the night. They are also lightweight and easy to flip.

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