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Get to Know Your Carpet

Magic Dry Carpet Cleaning Close up image of carpets to show what the texture is of the carpet

Carpets have been in existence for thousands of years and make for a great investment to your home or business, that is why knowing what carpets are made from is important .

 They have played an important role in indoor and outdoor decorating and also in providing comfort and warmth. Carpets have various types of characteristics , each unique in its own way. While some carpets are made from wool, others come from other fibres like nylon, silk or synthetic materials.

Most of the carpets found in homes and office spaces are made from synthetic materials and they are low maintenance and are affordable as well. They are also usually cheaper and are more durable.

Some examples of high quality carpets include Olefin, polyester and Teflon. Olefin is made from soybean waxes, which are highly resistant to any kind of stains. Polyester is made from nylon and although it may get discoloured with prolonged exposure to light, it is still one of the most commonly used and preferred types of synthetic fibers on the market. Teflon is a material that has a very good absorption capacity but may cause some staining.

Carpets come in different shapes and sizes and are categorized according to the number of pile. The more compact the piles are, the longer it will retain its original shape. There are three different kinds of pile: pile, smooth and weaved. Woven pile contains numerous tiny holes (nozzles) evenly distributed over the surface of the carpet. Pile is often used in commercial settings as it increases the density and provides extra strength. Smooth is the most common form of carpet and is frequently used in homes.

There are several benefits in using wool for your floor coverings. It feels great on bare feet and does not make your body sweat. Carpets with natural fibers like silk or cotton will give you good protection against dust and allergens. They are resistant to abrasion and do not easily get torn or distorted. Wool rugs can last for a long time when properly taken care of.

Magic Dry Carpet Cleaning Perth have extensive knowledge on the different materials used to make carpets and will give you the best cleaning services suited to your carpets needs.

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