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Carpet Cleaning 101

Magic Dry Carpet Cleaning 101 black and white Carpet

Carpets in homes and offices need to be cleaned on a regular basis, more often than not at least once every month. Cleaning carpets can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, but there are actually several ways to save time when cleaning your carpet. One of the most important aspects of cleaning carpets effectively is using the right cleaning materials. These cleaning materials will help the carpet to breathe and it will prevent any further build-up of dirt and germs in your carpet.

There are different cleaning materials that are recommended for cleaning different types of carpets, so it is recommended that you learn about the unique features and characteristics of your carpet before cleaning it.

Carpets can also be stained by spills, such as juice or milk, or any other liquids, food products, or acidic substances that may cause staining. Some stains, such as red wine stains, or grease stains, can be removed by lemon juice or vinegar. If you want to try an all-natural cleaning method to remove stains from your carpets, you may want to try a mild dish washing detergent or similar solutions to clean your carpets and rugs. Common cleaning materials used to remove food stains include white vinegar, baking soda, or bleach.

It is also possible to clean your carpets and rugs by using hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Hot water extraction methods allow for deep cleaning of your carpet and rug but can be expensive and time-consuming. Steam cleaning involves spraying a concentrated cleaning solution onto the dirty areas of the carpet, allowing the carpet to absorb the solution, then removing it with a vacuum cleaner. For stains that cannot be removed by steam cleaning, hot water extraction is the best option. Using the hot water extraction process on a carpet with a stain that cannot be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner allows you to remove the stain without damaging the carpet or rug in any way.

Doing general clean up is a must in your home and office space and we do recommend you do this regularly! Send Magic Dry Carpet Cleaning Perth a mail or call us today to find out more about our deep cleaning services and how we can get your carpets looking bright and new.

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